Knowledge Networks and Sector Desks: what do they entail?

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Knowledge Networks formerly known as Communities of Practice consist of members who identify and share best practices, create new knowledge   and ensure business linkage through networking. Currently there are three Knowledge Networks. These are;

The experiences of the 1st Annual General Meeting for the Uganda Chapter

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Uganda held its first AGM on the 12th of October at the AAA secretariat offices with 46 participants.  The purpose of the meeting was to report on the chapter undertakings and also present the audited accounts for 2014. The Uganda chapter was officially registered in 2012 with 13 members of whom three were founding members under the country chairman leadership of Dr. Stephen Birungi. By the time of its 1st AGM, the chapter membership had grown to 54 members in 2014 and 89 members in October 2015.

Teso Farmers Agribusiness to transform the seed sector through AAA partnership building

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Teso Farmers Agribusiness Centre (TEFAC) is a private limited liability company, formerly operating as a sole proprietor business since 2009, and incorporated in 2012. Since its establishment the company has been able to carry out agribusiness activities; such as trainings in agronomic practices, supplying of quality farm agri-inputs, buying and bulking farm produce, in order to facilitate rural farmers increase their productivity. The company works with over 5,000 smallholder farmers in the districts of Teso Region (Eastern Uganda).

Ethiopia excelling in networking

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AAA in Ethiopia during its BC meeting in Addis places increased attention on networking with related organisations. Past month, the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs Program -(AWEP) was invited to participate in one of Addis' BC meetings. Also a guest of honor, president of Enat Bank, was present at this meeting. Topics such as women privileged Credit facilities and collateral issues were discussed. In fact in this bank a significant number of the shareholders are women and its top management is owned by women. The name Enat means in Amharic-Mother.

What it takes to prepare for a trade show

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Trade shows/ Fairs are vital to Agribusiness SME. They are an effective way to test markets, attract customers, appoint agents or distributors, and make sales. Attending trade shows opens opportunities to build potential supplier networks and to find out what your competitors have developed without having to resort to subterfuge. Exposure to new industry trends and educational seminar attendance can also be a catalyst for product innovation.

SabaSaba International Trade Fair

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From 28th June to 10th July AAA Tz Chapter was at the SabaSaba International Trade Fair. The fair is held each year at the Julius Nyerere grounds Kurasin Dar-es-Salaam.  Present were members from different sectors such as diary, honey, poultry and food processing. Each BC had a representative. Members from Tanzania included Three Sisters, West Kilimanjaro Dairy Products, Asali Asilia, Nature Ripe, International Tanfeeds, Frank Organic Horticulture Ltd and HD Agribusiness. 

Business clubs mid-year review and way forward

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Momentum of the BC activities still building gradually, from recruitment in quarter one now with new members approved in quarter two it was time to have the activities kicked-off and have services delivered to members. Activities in a Business Club aim at having members meet, share their experiences, link, learn, support and make business deals.

AAA brings training services for members at Business Club level

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AAA works with agribusiness entrepreneurs organized at business club level in the member countries. In order to increase the vibrancy at the BC levels the strategy is to bring services closer to our members.  In the past member trainings have always been conducted at a regional level where members from different countries would convene in one country and attend the training.

Branding & Packaging trainings at BC level

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Capacity building for Members remains a core role for the Africa Agribusiness Academy (AAA). In the last quarter of 2014, AAA began Branding and Packaging Training, exclusively for AAA Members from all the five Countries. The Training arose from a need to assist members shift from selling ‘Products’, and to start rolling out ‘Brands’ in their respective markets.

Honey CoP Dodoma study visit

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The honey Community of Practice brings together entrepreneurs within the honey value chain across all the six AAA countries with a goal of advancing practical knowledge to support business growth. Mid-April the honey CoP organized and conducted a study visit in Dodoma Tanzania. The objective was for members to share knowledge on business opportunities with in the sector. The two-day study visit was attended by 12 participants from Uganda and Tanzania.