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Star Café Ltd.

Star Café Ltd [SCL] is a limited liability company incorporated in November 2000, after the 1990s coffee crisis, which led to extremely low prices for green coffee. Star Café Ltd produces high quality Ground Coffee, Instant Coffee and Roasted Beans; all processed from locally grown green coffee. At inception, the core business of the firm was ground coffee but over the years and mainly due to customer demand the company diversified into producing instant coffee, making Star Café the leading Ugandan instant coffee producer.

 At Star Café, our legacy is creating the ultimate coffee experience in every life we touch, right from the farm to the cup, transforming the way the world understands business. This is through promotion of sustainable practice and shared value amongst the communities in which we operate. This has been done through partnership with our downstream farmers in our shared Value Programme where we empower organized coffee societies through provision of necessary quality support logistics for increased quality harvest while at the same time supporting alternate local income generation projects for improved sustainability. Organized societies such as Kabeywa Farmers Group are currently beneficiating from our shared Value Programme.


Star Café Ltd mainly supplies the Ugandan market but also exploits the potential regional and exports niche markets. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified from November 2002. The company’s head office and processing plant are located on plot 703, Banda, Kampala, Uganda.


Star Cafe Limited is the only national coffee brand in Uganda, consistently wining the People Choice award for the last 2 years. 

Creating the ultimate coffee experience in every life we touch, right from the farm to the cup
Executive Director: 
General Manager: ELijah Kangára
Uganda Specialty Green Coffee Beans Uganda Instant Coffee, Roasted & Ground Coffee- Single Origin and Blends, Roasted Coffee Beans,

Plot 703 Banda, PO Box 25604 · Kampala · Uganda 


+256 414 253454
+256 414 253454