AAA Exhibition report

The first AAA Pan Africa Agribusiness exhibition, with the theme ‘Fostering innovation and growth of agribusiness SMEs in Africa’ was organized at the Kenya National Museum from 6-7 November 2015. The exhibition was an initiative from AAA’s Knowledge Network (KN) Entrepreneurship. AAA Knowledge Networks consist of members who identify and share best practices, create new knowledge and ensure business linkages through networking.

Supply Chain Mapping LINK Methodology Toolkit

LINK can help your business facilitate a systematic learning process between actors from a selected value chain, and discover new opportunities for innovation, based on the application of a participatory toolkit, with four main tools: The value chain map, the business model canvas, the new business model principle and the prototype cycle.

Business Plan AAA member manual

The Business plan (or Investment plan) consists of three sections: Detailed planning of the investment project, forecasting the financials of the investment project, and writing the narrative of the investment project. The AAA approach is that before one letter is put on paper in the Narrative plan, the AAA member being the Company owner him/herself must first be able to explain in detail what the business idea is about. To achieve this the company owner is supported in detailed planning of each and every step of the investment, and on how to place each activity in a time frame.

Marketing Plan AAA Method

The Marketing plan consists of five sections: the Executive summary; Situation analysis; Marketing strategy; Financials, budgets and forecasts; and Controls. The AAA training approach covers each of the items but does not necessarily follow the five steps in this order. Participants should gain a good understanding of what marketing is and is not, and at the end of the training have good understanding on the background of each of these elements. This enables them to link this to the five sections above.

Leadership AAA training Arusha 2015

This research paper dwells into further development of leadership style. How can one lead in such a way that the leaded do not need your leadership? It is through power, the ability to make people do even what they do not want.  

Corporate Governance TZ example

The importance of corporate governance lies in its contribution both to business prosperity and to accountability.

EAAP Dairy Manual January 2014

Smallholder dairy is an important component of agricultural production in Eastern and Central Africa (ECA) that provides the majority of milk marketed and consumed in the region. Dairy production is therefore essential in improving food and nutritional security as well as increasing household income.

Artificial Insemination heat detection

Artificial Insemination, dating back around AD 1322 in the Arab world with horses, is one of the widely used Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) in the world. It involves artificially introducing semen (containing sperms) into females with the aim of making them pregnant.

Supply chain mapping

A supply chain map is a graphic representation of what happens in and around a supply chain: it depicts actors in the chain and their connections, flows of products or goods, information, processes and key external influences, both upstream and downstream. A supply chain map is a powerful tool to visualize the macro context of a market. It helps you to analyze processes and highlight opportunities and inefficiencies in your value chain.

A model for sourcing from smallholders

Agribusinesses face common challenges when sourcing from smallholders and look for answers to questions such as: What are my areas of intervention in local sourcing? What factors influence the performance of local sourcing? What are best practices in sourcing from smallholders?