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Publications List

The following is a list of all CoS-SIS publications:

EDP Open published a special issue of Cahiers Agricultures, November 2016, Volume 25(6), p.64002 (Available at:

Title of special issue: Innovation Platforms and Projects to support smallholder development - Experiences from sub-Saharan Africa. 

  1. Innovation platforms and institutional change: the case of small-scale palm oil processing in Ghana, Samuel Adjei-Nsiah and Laurens Klerkx, Cah. Agric., 25 6 (2016) 65005
  2. Embedding research for innovation to meet societal needs in national research systems: experiences from Ghana,Charity Osei-Amponsah, Owuraku Sakyi-Dawson, Samuel Adjei-Nsiah, Richard Adu-Acheampong, George Essegbey and William Quarmine, Cah. Agric., 25 6 (2016) 65004
  3. Mieux évaluer et accompagner l’innovation agricole en Afrique. Leçons d’une analyse transversale de 13 cas d’études, Bernard Triomphe, Anne Floquet, Brigid Letty, Geoffrey Kamau, Conny Almekinders and Ann Waters-Bayer, Cah. Agric., 25 6 (2016) 64003
  4. Innovation platforms and projects to support smallholder development - experiences from Sub-Saharan Africa, Janice Jiggins, Dominique Hounkonnou, Owuraku Sakyi-Dawson, Dansou Kossou, Mamoudou Traoré, Niels Röling and Arnold van Huis, Cah. Agric., 25 6 (2016) 64002
  5. Innovating a system for producing and distributing hybrid oil palm seedlings to smallholder farmers in Benin, Pierre V. Vissoh, Rigobert C. Tossou, Essegbemon Akpo, Dansou Kossou and Janice Jiggins, Cah. Agric., 26 1 (2017) 15002
  6. An innovation platform for institutional change in Ghana's cocoa sector, Richard Adu-Acheampong, Janice Jiggins, Ebenezer Tei Quartey, Nana Maxwell Karikari, William Jonfia-Essien, Edward Quarshie, Paul Osei-Fosu, Maxwell Amuzu, Charles Afari-Mintah, Kwasi Ofori-Frimpong, Michael Owusu-Manu, Nana Nyarko Eku X, Owuraku Sakyi-Dawson, William Quarmine and Francis Otu Acquah, Cah. Agric., 26 3 (2017) 35002
  7. External influences on agro-enterprise innovation platforms in Benin, Ghana and Mali – Options for effective responses, George O. Essegbey, Owuraku Sakyi-Dawson, Dansou Kossou, Bara Ouologuem, Fidiala Dembele, Richard Adu-Acheampong and Janice Jiggins, Cah. Agric., 26 4 (2017) 45011
  8. Contribution of an innovation platform to change the management of collective irrigation: a case study from the Office du Niger (Mali), Lassine Soumano and Mamoudou Traoré, Cah. Agric., 26 4 (2017) 45003
  9. Analyse d'une plate-forme d'innovation dans la filière karité au Mali, Amadou Sidibé, Sietze Vellema, Fadiala Dembelé, Mamoudou Traoré and Thomas W. Kuyper, Cah. Agric., 26 4 (2017) 45001

Diagnostic Studies published in a special issue of The Netherlands Journal of Life Sciences (NJAS), December 2012, Volumes 60-63, pp 1-121 (Available at:

Title of special issue: Jiggins, J. (Guest Editor). 'Diagnosing the scope for innovation: Linking smallholder practices and institutional context’.

  1. Röling, N.; D. Hounkonnou; D. Kossou; T.W. Kuyper; S. Nederlof; O. Sakyi-Dawson, M. Traoré, and A. van Huis. Diagnosing the scope for innovation: linking smallholder practices to institutional context (introduction to the special issue) pp 1-6
  2. Quarmine, W.; R. Haagsma; O. Sakyi-Dawson; F. Asante; A. van Huis; and D. Obeng-Ofori. Incentives for cocoa bean production in Ghana: does quality matter? Pp 7-14
  3. Akpo, E.; P. Vissoh; R. Tossou; D. Kossou; P. Richards; T.J. Stomph; and P. Struik. A participatory diagnostic study of the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) seed system in Benin. pp15-27
  4. Sidibé, A.; S. Vellema; F. Dembelé; M. Traoré; and T.W. Kuyper. Innovation processes navigated by women groups in the Mali Shea sector: how targeting of international niche markets results in fragmentation and obstructs coordination. pp 26-36
  5. Amankwah, K.; L. Klerkx; S. Oosting; O. Sakyi-Dawson; A.J. van der Zijpp and D. Millar. Diagnosing constraints to market participation of small ruminant producers in northern Ghana: an Innovation Systems Analysis. pp 37-47
  6. Osei-Amponsah, C.; L. Visser; S. Adjei-Nsiah; P. Struik; O. Sakyi-Dawson; and T.J. Stomph. Processing practices of small-scale palm oil processors in the Kweabibirem District Ghana, a diagnostic study. pp 49-56
  7. Totin, E.; B. van Mierlo; A. Saïdou; R. Mongbo; E. Agbossou; L. Stroosnijder and C. Leeuwis. Barriers and opportunities for innovation in rice production in the inland valleys of Benin. pp 57-66
  8. Togbé, C.E.; E.T. Zannou; S.D. Vodouhé; R. Haagsma; G. Gbéhounou, D. Kossou; and A. van Huis. Technical and institutional constraints of a cotton pest management strategy in Benin. pp 67-78
  9. Kpéra, G.N.; N. Aarts; A. Saïdou; R. Tossou; C. Eilers; G. Mensah; B. Sinsin; D. Kossou; and A. van der Zijpp. Management of Agro-pastoral dams in Benin: stakeholders, institutions and rehabilitation research. pp 79-90
  10. Yemadje, R.H.; T.A. Crane; P. Vissoh; R. Mongbo; P. Richards; D. Kossou; and T.W. Kuyper. The political ecology of land management in the oil palm-based cropping system of the Adja Plateau in Benin. pp 91-99
  11. Doumbia, D.; A. van Paassen; S.J. Oosting; and A.J. van der Zijpp. Livestock in the rice-based economy of the Office du Niger: the development potential for increased crop-livestock integration through multi-actor processes. pp 101-114
  12. Jiggins, J. Diagnostic research in support of innovation. pp 115-121


List of articles on institutional issues (as of Oct 14 2012) that will be published in a special issue of the International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability (IJAS)

Title of Special Issue: P. Struik and L. Klerx (Eds.), ‘Institutional Change towards sustainable Agriculture in West Africa’, Special Issue of International Journal of Sustainable Agriculture (IJAS), to be published in 2014.

  1. Osei-Amponsah, C.; T. J. Stomph; L. Visser; O. Sakyi-Dawson; S. Adjei-Nsiah; and P. C. Struik. Opportunities through institutional Innovation: improving the Quality of artisanal Palm Oil Processing in Ghana.
  2. Kpéra, G. N.; R.C. Tossou; N. Aarts; C.H.A.M. Eilers; A. Saïdou; G.A. Mensah; D.K. Kossou; A.B. Sinsin; & A.J. van der Zijp. How institutions shape human-crocodile interactions: a framing analysis for improving agro-pastoral dam management in northern Benin.
  3. Yemadje, R.H.; R.L. Mongbo; T. Crane; A. Saïdou; H.A. Azontonde; D. Kossou; and T.W. Kuyper. Effects of land titling on social relations and soil fertility management in the oil palm-based cropping systems on the Adja Plateau in southern Benin.
  4. Akpo, E.; T. Crane; T.-J. Stomph; R.C. Tossou; D.K. Kossou; P.V. Vissoh; & P.C. Struik.. Drivers of a reliable seed system: Case study of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) in Benin.
  5. Quarmine, W. et al. Institutions and Export of Quality Cocoa Beans from Ghana – A Historical Perspective.
  6. Totin, E.; C. Leeuwis; B. van Mierlo; R. Mongbo; L. Stroosnijder; D. Kossou. Drivers of cooperative choice: the case of canal maintenance in smallholder irrigated rice production in Benin.
  7. Togbé, C.E.; S. D. Vodouhê; G. Gbèhounou; R. Haagsma; E. T. Zannou; A. Guédénon; D. K. Kossou; A. van Huis. An evaluation of recent reforms of the cotton sector in Benin: perspectives from the field.
  8. Sidibé, A; S. Vellema and T. Kuyper. Processes of institutional change caused by working capital in the Shea domain of Mali: How a case study of input provision allows generalisation
  9. Amankwah, K.; L. Klerkx; et al. Effect of decentralisation policy on veterinary services delivery in smallholder communities in Northern Ghana: an institutional analysis.

Other CoS-SIS publications


Francis, J., Mytelka, L., van Huis, A. and Röling, N. (eds.). 2016. Innovation Systems: Towards Effective Strategies in support of Smallholder Farmers. Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) and Wageningen University and Research centre (Wageningen UR)/Convergence of Sciences-Strengthening Innovation Systems (CoS-SIS), Wageningen.
Available online here:

Nederlof, E.S. and R. Pyburn, (Eds.) 2012. One Finger cannot lift a Rock: Facilitating Innovation Platforms to trigger Institutional Change in West Africa. Amsterdam: KIT Publishers 

Articles published in refereed journals

Hounkonnou, D.; D. Kossou, S.; Leeuwis, C.; Nederlof, N.; Röling; O. Sakyi-Dawson; M. Traoré; and A. van Huis  (2012). An Innovation Systems Approach to Institutional Change: Smallholder Development in West Africa. Agricultural Systems 108 (2012): 74-83

Hounkonnou, D., Brouwers, J., van Huis, A., Jiggins, J., Kossou, D., Röling, N., ... & Traoré, M. (2016). Triggering regime change: A comparative analysis of the performance of innovation platforms that attempted to change the institutional context for nine agricultural domains in West Africa. Agricultural Systems.

S.Adjei-Nsiah, O. Sakyi-Dawson and T.W. Kuyper (2012). Exploring opportunities for enhancing innovation in agriculture: The case of oil palm production in Ghana. Journal of Agricultural Science, 4(10): 212-233

Accepted for publication in refereed journal

Röling, N.G. and D. Hounkonnou (2012 in press). Innovation Systems and Institutional Change. Thematic paper for the Proceedings of the Policy Session of the CTA Conference: “Innovations in Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services: Linking Knowledge to Policy and Action for Food and Livelihoods”, Nairobi, Kenya, November 15-18, 2011

Sterk, B., C. Kobina, A.C. Gogan, D. Kossou and O. Sakyi-Dawson (2012 in press). Five years after: the impact of a participatory technology development programme as perceived by smallholders in Benin and Ghana. Accepted for publication in International Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension (IJAEE)

Adjei-Nsiah, S.; R. Adu-Acheampong; K. Debrah; F. Dembele; L. Soumano; B. Ouologuem; A. Saïdou; P. Vissoh; E. Zannou (2013). Overcoming the bias against the small farm sector in Sub-Saharan Africa: scoping entry points for innovation platforms. Accepted for publication Development in Practice. Available Taylor & Francis on-line at:

Klerkx, L.; S. Adjei-Nsiah; R. Adu-Acheampong; A. Saïdu; E. Zannou; L. Soumano; O. Sakyi-Dawson; and S. Nederlof. (2013). Innovation platforms through an innovation platform lens. An analysis of three cases in West Africa.  Outlook on Agriculture 42(3): 185-192


Zannou, E.; L. Soumano; S. Adjei-Nsiah; B. Ouloguem; D. Kossou; L. Klerkx; R. Adu-Acheampong; M. Traoré; K. A. Debrah; O. Sakyi-Dawson; S. Nederlof ; F. Dembélé;  A. Saïdou; P. Vissoh; and J. Jiggins (2012). Analysing power relationships in ‘Concertation and Innovation Groups’ in nine agro-enterprise domains in Ghana, Benin, and Mali. Invited paper for the MOPAN Conference, 2012: ‘Multi-actor Collaboration in an uncertain and ambiguous World’, July 2-4, 2012, Wageningen (The Netherlands): Thematic Track 3: Power in multi-stakeholder processes of development. Submitted to Development in Practice

Adu-Acheampong, R., J. Jiggins, A. van Huis, V. Johnson, and A. R. Cudjoe (2012). Institutional change toward reducing the toxic load of pesticide treatments in the cocoa sector, Ghana. Submitted to Int. Journal of Tropical Insect Science

Papers presented at conferences

Osei-Amponsah, C. (2012). Crossing disciplines in a PhD research to address artisanal agro-processing constraints: experiences from CoS-SIS oil palm project in Ghana. Invited Paper for Working Group 18 (‘Breaking through discipline boundaries to address complex rural dynamics’) of the XIII World Congress of Rural Sociology International Conference on Rural Sociology, ‘The New Rural World: from crises to opportunities’, held in Lisbon, Portugal, from July 29 to August 4, 2012

Röling, N. (2012). Institutions and Innovation: a Dimension of Agronomy? Invited paper for Plenary Session V, 5th World Congress of Agronomists and Agrologists, Québec, Canada, Sept. 17-21, 2012

Osei-Amponsah, C. (2013). Research and Experimentation in support of artisanal palm oil processing in Ghana. Paper presented at CTA/CoS-SIS Expert Consultation, held in Wageningen, Feb. 4 through 6, 2013. To appear in Proceedings in 2014.

Adu-Acheampong, R. (2013). The role of an Innovation Platform in the governance of smallholder Cocoa production in Ghana.  Paper presented at CTA/CoS-SIS Expert Consultation, held in Wageningen, Feb. 4 through 6, 2013. To appear in Proceedings in 2014.

Jiggins, J. (2013). The uses of research in a major action research programme: the CoS-SIS experience. Paper presented at CTA/CoS-SIS Expert Consultation, held in Wageningen, Feb. 4 through 6, 2013. To appear in Proceedings in 2014.

Röling, N., D. Hounkonnou and A. van Huis (2014). Agricultural domains as arenas for convergence. Moving from field to farm. Paper for International Farming Systems Association (IFSA) (Europe Chapter) Meeting, Berlin, April 1- 4, 2014.