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Paper: Triggering regime change

A comparative analysis of the performance of innovation platforms that attempted to change the institutional context for nine agricultural domains in West Africa.


Dominique Hounkonnou PhD, Jan Brouwers PhD, Arnold van Huis PhD, Janice Jiggins PhD, Dansou Kossou PhD, Niels Röling PhD, Owuraku Sakyi-Dawson PhD, Mamoudou Traoré PhD


The article synthesises the experiences of innovation platforms (IPs) that engaged in open-ended experimental action to improve the institutional context for smallholder farm development in West Africa. The IPs sought change at the level of the institutional regime covering an entire agricultural domain (such as cocoa, cotton, oil palm or water management). Their purpose was therefore not to ‘roll out’ farm-level technologies across rural communities. The IPs's outcomes were documented and analysed throughout bymeans of theory-based process tracing in each of seven of the nine domains inwhich regime changewas attempted. The evidence shows that by means of exploratory scoping and diagnosis, socio-technical and institutional experimentation, and guided facilitation IPs can remove, by-pass, or modify domain-specific institutional constraints and/or create new institutional conditions that allow smallholders to capture opportunity. The article describes the 5-year, €4.5 million research programme in Benin, Ghana and Mali, covering theory, design, methods and results. It is the sequel to Hounkonnou et al. in AGSY 108 (2012): 74–83.