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About This Portal

Welcome to the Nutrition Security Portal

This portal is part of a new platform from the Centre for Development Innovation, part of Wageningen University and Research Centre.

The purpose of this platform is to provide practitioners, from all angles of nutrition and food security, access to the latest and most relevant knowledge and a place to share knowledge, experiences and strategies. Participants of the Nutrition and Food Security Training Programme can, beside the course materials, also access other relevant resources.

For some of the features of the portal, you will have to register an account, which you can do in the top-right-hand corner of this page and by following the instructions.

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Portal overview


Here we present current issues in the field of nutrition and food security. It will provide a small introduction to the topic and provides links to detailed information and/or initiatives and projects. 


In this section you can find selected articles, books, guides, videos and other media which contain useful information regarding nutrition and food security.

Tools and methods

This section provides tools and methods used in our work.


Here we present upcoming courses, conference, meetings and other events related to nutrition and food security.


Here you can find blogs from CDI staff and course participants about the remarkable experience from the field.


This section is reserved for course participant groups where documents related to the course are shared. These groups are accessible on invite only.


Useful links to organisations, projects, initiatives related to nutrition and food security.