On the use and usefulness of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

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Siri Pisters - Junior advisor food and nutrition security CDI

The monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of a project in international development cooperation can be expensive and labor-intensive, while the hefty reports that result from such processes often remain invisible to a broader public. In its ideal form though, monitoring and evaluation has a huge potential to shed a light on the thousands of approaches, projects, ideas and initiatives that are being implemented, leading to more effectiveness and efficiency in development cooperation.

The streets of Addis Abeba- Blog entry by CDI's Aafke Nijhuis on Dutch website 'Who Cares'

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Aafke Nijhuis, Junior Nutrition Advisor at CDI, occasionally writes a blog for the Dutch website 'Who Cares'.

Her latest blog entry has been written in the streets of Addis Abeba, which she visited for work purposes a few weeks ago.
She describes how these streets reflect Ethiopia's society with its striking differences between the rich and poor. She realized again her reason for working in the field of development, which sometimes tends to be forgotten in the everyday maze of dealines, reports and failed plannings.

Scaling up Dutch Efforts for Global Nutrition

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On the 10th of March, the Netherlands Working Group on Nutrition (NWGN), organized a kick-off event for ‘Scaling up Dutch efforts for Global Nutrition’. Lawrence Haddad presented the main findings of the Global Nutrition Report 2014, some of which quite striking; nutrition is only mentioned ones in the drafts of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) despite a return of $16 for every $1 invested in nutrition. Furthermore, nutrition is not a problem confined to some specific countries, almost every country in the world suffers from 2 or more forms of malnutrition.

Feedback from the field after participating in the course: HIV/AIDS and food and nutrition security

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By Mrs Ngo Thi Thanh Huong, Lecturer and Researcher, Hanoi Medical Univeristy, Hanoi, Vietnam

It was my luck and honor to be accepted and to participate in the course HIV/AIDS and food and nutrition security held by the Center for Development Innovation - Wageningen UR in September – October 2013. I had been advised to apply by my direct supervisor who provided the course information through his alumni network and supported me to take part in the course.

Groupwork of the ‘soybean for nutrition team’

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During the agriculture-nutriton course ‘the soybean for nutriton team’ developed a plan to make the CASCAPE (capacity building for scaling up of evidence-based best practice in agricultural production in Ethiopia) soybean project in Jimma more nutrition-sensitive.

Panel discussion on Agriculture Nutrition Linkages

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Within the framework of the Agriculture-Nutrition Linkages course a panel discussion was organised, in which organisations in Ethiopia addressing to a lesser or bigger extend the linkages between agriculture and nutrition are being shaped. Panel members came from WFP, USAID Feed the Future, World bank-Agricultural Growth Programme, Guts Agroindustry (private food company), GAIN and the Netherlands Embassy.

Field visit of the Agriculture-Nutrition Linkages Course

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On Saturday November 23, the participants of the Agriculture-Nutrition Linkages course had a fied visit. The group split up into four, and two of the groups visited genesis farm, where one group looked at the dairy production and the other at vegetables production. One other group visited Fafa Food company; a local producer of complementary foods, and the other Kaliti Foods, a producer of wheat based food products such as flour, bread, pasta, cakes and biscuits.

Impressions from the agriculture nutrition linkages course

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As the participants of the agriculture nutrition linkages course are preparing for their final presentations, Tadesse Fikre of Hawassa University provides his impressions of the past two weeks.

Agriculture Nutrition Linkages Course

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On 18 November 2013 the course Agriculture Nutrition Linkages has started in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Fannie de Boer, course leader together with colleague Marianne van Dorp travelled to Addis Ababa this weekend to work over the coming two weeks with around 25 participants from national and international organizations working in Ethiopia and from 6 other countries in Africa and Europe on ensuring nutritional impact of agricultural projects.