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Stories of Change in Nutrition – a special issue

This special issue offers all sides of the nutrition story, by shedding a light on how countries have scaled up their fight against malnutrition, thus inspiring others.

To meet the growing demand from many countries for experiential learning about what works in Nutrition, Stories of Change sought to systematically assess and analyse drivers of change in six high-burden countries (Bangladesh, India (Odisha), Ethiopia, Nepal, Senegal, and Zambia) that have had some success in accelerating improvements in nutrition.

Bringing all of this work together for the first time a special Stories of Change issue of Global Food Security is now available, edited by Stuart Gillespie, Mara van den bold, Purnima Menon and Nicholas Nisbett. This comprises of  10 papers. 

For more information and access to the papers, please follow the link on the right side of the page.