The Lancet’s Series on Maternal and Child Nutrition 2008 and 2013

The Lancet published two recent series on Maternal and Child Nutrition. Maternal and child undernutrition, consisting of stunting, wasting and deficiencies of essential vitamins and minerals, was the subject of a Series of papers in The Lancet in 2008. The second Series of paper published in 2013, 5 years after the initial series, re-evaluate the problems of maternal and child undernutrition and also examine the growing problems of overweight and obesity for women and children and their consequences in low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Copenhagen Consensus 2008 Challenge Paper: Hunger and Malnutrition

The Challenge paper does a very good job of presenting the major malnutrition problems facing the developing world and then discussing the different interventions that have been typically deployed to address these problems. The paper pulls together data on the cost-effectiveness of various nutritional interventions from the literature, and then calculates benefit-cost ratios for these interventions under alternative assumptions about the discount rate and disability-adjusted life years (DALY) saved.

HIV/AIDS, nutrition, and food security: What we can do. A synthesis of international guidance.

Author: The World Bank

Publication Date: 2007

This handbook synthesizes the existing technical guidelines of fifteen international organizations on how to address the important links between HIV/AIDS, nutrition and food security in country-level programmes. The joint guidelines serve as an important resource for working successfully with partners in the field.

Food and Nutrition Indicators.

Author: Judith Appleton MBE (UN Standing Committee on Nutrition)

Publication Date: 2008

Key documentation on indicators for development and emergencies - a preliminary reference list. This table is compiled from selected contributions from members of working groups and task forces o the UN Standing Committee on Nutrition (SCN).

Nutrition and Food Security Impacts of Agriculture Projects. A Review of Experience

Author: J. Levinson, USAID's Infant & Young Child Nutrition Project (IYCN)

Publication Date: 2011

This document summarizes IYCN’s review of more than 30 years of studies examining food security and nutrition impacts of agricultural projects in low-income countries.

Increasing cash crop productivity through improved nutrition: A call to action

This series of concept briefs analyse the cocoa, coffee and tea production statistics compared with nutritional data in major producing countries for these agricultural cash crops. It demonstrates the consequences of under-nutrition for the sector. Maps initially present the dimensions of under-nutrition in cash crop producing areas in developing countries. After which interventions for combining Good Agricultural Practice with Good Nutritional Practices are outlined.