Tools & Methods


Reflection methods- Tools to make learning more explicit

A mannual for practitioners that summaries a number of tools which can be used to facilitate the proces of reflecting on the knowledge and experiences that participants have aqcuired during a course. This will make their learning more explicit and articulated.

Guidelines for assessing nutrition-related KAP

Many KAP studies have been conducted by numerous researchers and institutions using a variety of approaches. In consequence, results of nutrition-related KAP surveys usually cannot be compared because of major differences in study design (quantitative, qualitative) and in how knowledge, attitudes and practices are defined and measured.

Training manuals on business and marketing for smallholders

The Catholic Relief Services guides explain how to help farmers strengthen five skill sets to successfully engage with markets. The documents are in their first year of beta testing.

Microlinks/USAID Value Chain Development Wiki

These wiki pages codify good practice in value chain development, drawing from research conducted under the leadership of the USAID Microenterprise Development team by the ACDI/VOCA AMAP BDS consortium and many other contributing organizations, academics and institutions.

You can access the toolkit by clicking here.

Food and Nutrition Secuirty Information

Food and Nutrition Security Information (FNSI) is a critical tool for achieving food and nutrition security, yet FNSI efforts to date have not produced the intended impacts on policy and program decision making, largely due to shortcomings in available technologies and frameworks.

An alternative approach to monitoring and evaluating of agricultural projects for food security and nutrition

The monitoring and evaluation of agricultural projects for their impact on household food insecurity and nutrition is important given the paucity of data documenting successes and failures in such projects, and because possible adverse effects in such projects need to be identified and addressed rapidly.

SUN Network toolkit for private sector engagement

This toolkit summarises capabilities and potential opportunities for the private sector to link to nutrition priority interventions.

GAIN's Nutritious Agriculture by Design: A tool for program planning

This tool provides a practical way of focusing value chain-based agricultural initiatives to narrow the gap between the goal of raising the income and/or productivity of producers and/or the people they employ and the goal of improving nutrition.

Household Dietary Diversity Score (HDDS)

The guide provides an approach for measuring household dietary diversity as a proxy measure of household food access.

Maximising nutritional impact of food security and livelihoods, a practical guide

Holding a nutrition lens to food security & livelihoods (FSL) interventions to maximise nutritional impact.